Souvenirs Magazine Spring 2017

Souvenirs Magazine Fall 2016

The Trek

Early Thru-hike Thoughts | Inspiration: The Story of  Flower and Poptart’s PCT Record Attempt | 500-mile Wisdom | Catch ya later, Sierras | Overjoyed | What I Didn’t Expect | Highs and Lows

Badger Sponsorship Finalist Video

Filmed and edited by Nicola Muscroft

Backpacker Magazine

In print: The 20 Best Colleges for Hikers | September 2016 Clips | Uncovered: Cimarron Ridge

On webThe 20 Best Colleges for Hikers | EPA Power Plant Ruling Could Cut Haze at National Parks | Animal Refuge Takes in Orphaned Bear Cubs | Lyme Disease is Scary. Here’s How to Avoid it. | Visitor Returns Sequoia Cone to Park with Adorable Apology Note | Swiss Cow Attacks Hiker

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